Jersey Shore: defining the new woman?

11 Jan

Jersey Shore is in its third season of trashy hook ups and drunken brawls and added to the messfest this season is Snooki’s BFF Deena. The self-proclaimed “blast in a glass,” replaced Angelina who opted out of Jersey Shore to pursue a career in music. If you watch the show or follow trashy-tv news you already know that she hasn’t made the best first impression.

The cast of Jersey Shore season 3

It’s safe to say that watching this show is like watching a car accident, it’s so bad you can’t help but watch. But is this pop-culture phenomenon hurting or helping women?

Some may brush the Jersey Shore cast off as party kids not worth a deep analysis, but the amount of influence they have on young adults is astounding. This season’s premiere aired on January 6th and captured an audience of 8.45 million, making the show the highest rated MTV telecast to ever air.

With a following this large, you can’t help but wonder the impact it has on our culture. Hate ’em or love ’em, Jersey Shore is helping to define what it means to be a young adult in America.

The cast is known for many things, including the classy display of videos they often upload for the entire internet to see. Most recently they featured one of Snooki and JWoww blasting Joy Behar for constantly criticizing Jersey Shore on The View. The girls’ mocking video doesn’t help their case against Behar’s claims that they are crude and immature.

The season premiere also displayed Sammi and JWoww getting into a physical fight after a verbal dump of every bad word a woman has ever been called. The fight ended only after the Jersey Shore boys stepped in after letting the girls go at it for a few moments, also not helping the reputation of these girls.

Buying into the trashy TV scene can be fun, but the escalation of tasteless behavior of the females on the show is cause for concern. The constant yelling, punching, and calling of derogatory names is setting a norm in the American culture for how to act.

The next generation: the Jersey Sandbox

Don’t get me wrong, I am all about the liberty to be yourself. If Snooki wants to bond with her girlfriends about her vibrator on national television, I say go for it. But if females are constantly assaulting one another and tearing each other down like the happenings on Jersey Shore, I have to chime in.

Allowing women to physically fight and call each other bitches and cunts on national television is counter productive to the fight against sexism. If these women can’t respect themselves and one another, how do they expect anyone else to?

As pop culture continues to idolize and glamorize the women on this show the negative perception of women increases. You may be thinking this is an overreaction, but in the immortal words of Deena from her very own dictionary, “If you are doing something ridiculous or something people think is embaressing or silly ..Simply just tell them ‘LETTT ME LIVEE’ ..basically its your liveee it!”


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